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Life Experiences (5-10)

The times I will never forget

As I started compiling a list of the most memorable experiences I've had in my life, I found that it is really hard to put them in a particular order. So, with the exception of the first 4-5, the others could really be in any given order.

I also think it is important to say at this time that my wedding day and the birth of my son Blake are obvious choices for this list. I did not list them because they are SO obvious.

10. Arkansas Open
The Arkansas Open is an annual high school marching band competition that takes place in Conway, AR. The reason I listed this particular event is because the one year I went, it turned into one of the best and worst moments. We were a fantastic band that year. We were winning awards, showcasing at small competitions, even travelled to Washington D.C. to play on Mount Vernon (which should be part of this list).

Anyways, we played the first round and were positioned at number 3 out of every high school band in the state. We knew we could take home the trophy in the final round. The final round came and went and it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! We nailed it!
We were jumping and cheering as soon as we got off the field. We got a standing ovation as we exited the field.

We just knew we had it won. Well there was just one or two (small, irrelevant) bands left to perform before the awards ceremony was to start. As they were finishing up, it started to rain. Well, anyone who's ever been in band knows that water is like kryptonite to woodwind instruments. So, what did they do? Cancelled the contest. No awards, no recognition, nothing. "Go home, you wasted your time coming here. This meant nothing."

We were absolutely smashed. A few weeks later, the judges sent us our tape. One of the judges said "This is the clear winner this year."

Even without the award, we knew based on our performance, that we had won.

9. Drag Races
My dad used to own and drive a top comp dragster. I remember as a boy going to the drag strip and watching him race. I remember sitting on the tailgate of his pickup after he won the final round and waving to the audience. I remember going up in the tower with him to collect his winnings.

He sold his dragster when I was 4 or 5. I had the bug instilled then. I've always loved performance, but not Tim Taylor performance. I've been a car lover my whole life.

When I was about 16, we went to Topeka, KS to watch an NHRA event. We're talking funny cars, pro stock, and of course, top fuel. It was incredible. I got John Force's autograph! The final round in top fuel was between Jim Head and the legendary Kenny Bernstein. I had my camera positioned so I could see the victor as they flew by me. Apparently, Kenny Bernstein nearly put the nose of his car behind him so my picture just showed Jim Head soloing his way to the finish line.

Later on, when I got my Nissan 240SX SE (which I'm currently trying to sell), I took it to the track a few times. Once in Tulsa, where I raced my brother in his Silverado. I had just got the car and wasn't very comfortable with it yet. I was shifting at 3500RPM! I still beat him.

Throughout the rest of my teenage life, I raced many people. Whether or not I was at the track or the Fort Smith landfill entrance road, or Clayton Expressway, or Hwy. 64 going 110 in a 65 and passing a police officer. That was a really stressful couple of hours. I do not recommend it.

But, the car bug is in me. It is still alive and well. I hope one day I will have the means to pull the bug out and give it some exercise.

8. Branson
This one is pretty general. Me and Heather went by ourselves one time. We stayed in a pretty hotel and did all the fun stuff like Silver Dollar City and IMAX. We also went a few years later with a big group of friends. That was back when Jon was still friends with me and was dating a girl named Erin. We had a blast up there.

I've found that every time I go, I overwrite memories of the previous times I've been. I can't remember going with either of my parents specifically. I know I've gone with my mom/stepdad and dad/stepmom but I just can't remember any details. Heck, I can't remember anything about going with Heather except what the exterior of the hotel looked like, the fact that we went to Olive Garden and tried to sneak wine for dinner (Sneak was the key word. It didn't work.)

So for now, my memory lies with our trip with our friends. Me, Heather, Dave, his parents, Tara, Jon, Erin, and some others I was lightly aquainted with.

For my mother's sake, let it be knownn that the men were in their room and women were in their room. All nice and separated and proper.

7. The Rabbit Massacre
My uncle Randy had a friend who owned some land outside of Miami, OK. I can only assume he was having terrible rabbit problems because we were invited to go rabbit hunting on his land. Dad had just bought me a .410 for Christmas and this was the first time out with the gun.

I won't drag this on to long in case there are some animal lovers but 49 little bunny rabbits met their maker that day. I remember one of the first ones that I shot, I actually missed on the first shot. Luckily, he ran a few more steps until he was about 6-8 feet from me and he stopped. I gently kicked out the spent shell and put in a fresh one. BOOM! He was the only rabbit we could not salvage. In case you are wondering, we did eat all of the rabbits.

6. Roaring River
Roaring River is a very small river (it's really a creek) that is stocked with trout. I grew up fishing and hunting with dad and Sam. Both of them instilled naturistic traits in me.

Roaring River is a spectacular place to touch nature and still feel at home. They provide hiking, nature centers, and of course fishing. Only going to be there for a day or two? You can buy a fishing license for however many days you'll be there. They do impose a strict 5 trout per day limit. We would catch our limit, then do catch-and-release for the rest of the day. If we got a big one, we'd replace one of our smaller catches with the bigger one.

I remember going to the nature center, I remember a night-time presentation of some sort. We walked along the river to a small amitheatre area where we were talked to about the night life.

But the most fond memory I have of Roaring River is the sunrise alarm that signals everyone to start fishing. With it being a stocked creek, you were only allowed to fish during certain hours. I believe the start time was 5am. We were always up and dressed and cuddled around the campfire until just before the horn would sound. Then we'd scamper down to the river. My method was to find the big trout and try to catch them first while everyone else was sleeping. I can't honestly tell you that my method every worked.

1-5 will be added soon...


  • Mom said "#9 next to last paragraph.....more details.......PASSING A COP!!!??? I don't remember hearing about that one..........."
    • Chris replied "Yeah, I might have "forgotten" to tell you that story :)"

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