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software by chris greninger


hideswitchdownload v1.5

show and hide system files with the push of a button.

HideSwitch is the easiest way to show and hide system files hidden in OS X. Instead of launching some big clunky piece of software or running a terminal command, just launch this tiny app and click the button to toggle hidden files on and off. Nothing more, nothing less. HideSwitch supports TotalFinder as well.


freshbatchdownload v1.2

batch rename files and file extensions

Ever download a folder filled with 900 images and need to rename them all? Or does your camera give all of your images a capitalized JPG extension and you need them to be lowercase? Enter FreshBatch.

A very easy-to-use piece of software to do just that. Just tell it what folder you want to modify, what about the filename you need to change, and what you want to change it to. Simple as that.


workhorsedownload v2.0.2

schedule tasks between

Workhorse automates tedious file transfer and deletion tasks. Just tell it when or how often you want it to run, fill in the details, and let it go! Additionally, Applescript developers can use Workhorse to automatically run scripts just like tasks.


shellbardownload v1.0

run shell commands from your menu bar

ShellBar allows you to run UNIX commands straight from your menu bar! Perfect when you need to run a quick command like restarting Finder or Dock. Type in the command, click Run. If you click Run in Terminal, ShellBar will launch Terminal and execute the command within.

web-based utilities


wthrcastvisit site

get current weather conditions and outlook

Seems like everyone has created some form of weather app or widget. Well, not to be outdone, here's mine. It shows current temp, current conditions, as well as a 6-day forecast.

The background images are all images I've taken on golf outings. I never realized I've golfed in nearly all weather conditions! The images are specific to your current conditions. If it's raining where you are, the background image will be a rainy photo. If it's clear, the photo will reflect a beautiful, clear day on the course.


colorvisit site

searchable pantone-to-hex color chart

I needed a quick way to get hex values from the pantone codes I had. I got tired of having to search the internet so I decided to write this little utility to do the trick. The results update as you type.

Once there is only one result found, the background automatically changes to that color to give you a preview. You can also manually initialize the preview by clicking the color bar in the search results. For quick copying, click the Hex code, RGB value, or pantone code in the results table and it converts to a text field with the values selected.


how's my browser?visit site

quick but informative way to get information on what browser someone is using

On occasion clients may experience an issue with their website. When I ask what browser they are using, they rarely know. In comes How's My Browser. This utility reports the name and version of a users browser and also gives useful information regarding that browser.

For instance, all IE users are given the recommendation to upgrade to a better browser such as Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. If their browser is out of date, it will let them know that they should update their browser.

safari extensions


pretty / apachedownload v1.4

adds live search and beauty to Apache's worn out index listing pages

They're an abomination to look at and can be quite annoying to deal with. I am speaking of the Apache index (directory) listing pages.
I created an extension that while incredibly minimal, adds beautiful search functionality and style to these worn out pages.

other stuff / code


facebook feed (php class)download v1.2

creates an array of your wall posts and status updates

I built this before I knew Facebook had a PHP API, not that I looked that hard. It uses the Graph API (must have access token) and gathers your status updates and wall posts and puts them in a standard PHP array ready for you to loop through and style as you wish. Zip includes the class file as well as a demo implementation file.

media feed

about chris

My name is Chris. I live in Broken Arrow, OK. I am a husband. I'm a proud father of two boys. I'm a Mormon. Boomer Sooner.

This is a log of my daily life, although I rarely have the opportunity to update it daily, or even weekly. Most of the time I include pictures of the events I talk about in the entries.

My passions live here. Topics that I'm particularly passionate about, interested in, or whatever else I deem worthy to live here. It can get pretty scary in here.

media feed
Random pieces of my everyday life will be here. These could be pictures of my son playing football, recording of my wife playing on the Wii, or audio of my playing drums. If I want to share it, here's where it'll be!

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