Vacation Day 4: High Point, Talimena Drive

Our final day. Man, it just comes and goes so fast. I wish I had another two weeks out here! I got the wife out of bed so we could make our final trek in the woods before beginning our journey home. We decided to forgo breakfast and hit the trails, then pack up and eat on the way out. We jumped in the Ranger and headed out. We thought a good spot to wrap up our vacation would be atop a mountain so we planned on going to High Point, which seemed pretty easy to get to. We took Trail 1 until in intersected with Trail 2, then took Trail 2 to Trail 3 and headed up to High Point from there. The final stretch to the top of High Point was nasty, at least for a noob like me. Lots of big, loose rocks to climb over or around. Very fun to climb. Once we got to the top, there was a small clearing with a trash bin, a bail of hay to take pictures on, and directly behind the hay was a clear shot off the mountain. I turned off the Ranger and climbed out. I took some pictures and then I noticed how quiet it was so I just found a seat and me and Heather just listened to the birds and the breeze for several minutes.

That moment was almost spiritual.

We soon climbed back in the Ranger and headed back down the trail where we had to meet some riders coming up the trail. Luckily, we were in the only spot I saw where I could slightly pull off to the right and let them ride by. We took Trail 3 around the rest of the way. As I came around one of the corners there was a very large deer standing in the middle of the trail looking back at me. I was hoping I could get a picture or something but the deer sprinted just out of my sight and we never found him. I'm afraid he leaped left which would have been quite a long leap down the side of the hill but I didn't see him so I kept moving. Trail 3 was another small, but fast trail much like the woodsy areas of Trail 6. We eventually got back to Trail 2, then Trail 1, then back to the main road toward camp. We recorded video of us from Trail 2, to Trail 1 to the main road. Almost as soon as we stopped recording, another deer crossed the road in front of us. We headed back to our cabin to clean up and head out. I took some last minute photos of the campground and said bye to Ced.

On our way out of Mena, we stopped at the Skyline Diner and ate some breakfast (now after noon). Got some more buscuits and gravy, my favorite meal. Soon we were back on the Talimena Drive, cruising along and checking out the views as they passed by. Up ahead, I saw the Fire Tower. Should I stop? I think so. We pulled into a small parking lot where a large clearing and the tower stood before us. A nice older gentleman greeted us. He sat alone inside the fenced in area surrounding the tower. After a brief chat, we headed to the top of the tower. Once we reached the top, I looked out. I looked out and saw everything. I'm convinced I could've seen California on a clear day. The tower sits atop a ridgeline so if you look left or right, you can see the ranges shape and see how it gently curves. The views straight ahead when you reach the top are of a large valley. Backwards contains smaller valleys and more mountains. It was quite stunning to see, and so perfectly quiet. We enjoyed the views for a half hour or so before continuing on our final stretch to the parents house. Blake met us when we pulled in yelling "DADDY!" and running to me to give me a big hug. Ahh, music to my ears.

We had a great time together as a family and as husband and wife. We were in need of some time alone to catch up with each other and just be a couple. Even as I write this, I'm longing to be back at the cabin again with my sweetheart, just sitting on the porch listening to the birds chirping around us. Soon, I hope.

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