Vacation Day 3: Little Missouri Falls, Wolfpen Trails

The next morning, I rustled Heather out of bed early so we could get out on the trails. Beforehand, we drove into Mena to eat breakfast at a diner called Limetree. They had a great little breakfast buffet that we completely stuffed ourselves on. You can't blame me, they had chocolate gravy! After we groaned for a while, we headed back to the cabin to switch vehicles and hit the trails.

We decided the first point we should visit was the Little Missouri Falls. We followed a nice smooth road for the first half of the trek but soon we hit Trail 5. This trail was slow and bumpy and took a very long time to get through due to all of the rocks and uneven surfaces. Not really a good trail for me to start my offroad career on but we made it through and the quality of trail was looking up. We intersected Trail 8 which was much nicer and contained one of my favorite views of the trip. It reminded me of my time at Philmont. Large pine trees, deep forest, lots of gravelly soil, perfect bear country. After Trail 8, we hit a county road and followed it all the way to the falls. We first visited an overlook area that appeared to be the original access point to the falls. That was a good vantage point - the falls consist of a little stream breaking up into a series of small waterfalls. They are very pretty and the water was nearly crystal clear. So clear, in fact that I decided I would play in it. I was going to dam up one of the really small areas just like when I was a kid and would play in the creek. The first rock I picked up produced a small 8-12 inch copperhead. Playtime over.

From here, we took a different way home. We took Trail 6. This trail was a freaking blast! I really wasn't expecting any of the trails to delivery scenery but this one did! We started off in the woods with a lot of fun jumps and water holes and at some point we started to go upward. Then, the trailside opened up to reveal that you are on the side of a mountain. Most of the real view was obstructed by trees but that was alright because I was more concerned with the steep dropoffs that were threatening me if I made a wrong move. I really wasn't expecting all the scenery we got. I thought it was more like old cattle trails and stuff that just roamed throughout the woods. I was pleasantly wrong. We took Trail 1 back to camp. It was pretty much open all the way back to camp. We were COVERED in dirt! We had one of those moments when you get up and pat your legs and a cloud of dirt comes off you.

We decided to fill up the Ranger (around $5/gal!) so we'd be ready to ride first thing in the morning. We ate some sandwiches, watched some TV, and eventually showered up before dinner. My towel was covered in dirt AFTER my shower. That dirt was everywhere. For dinner, it was back to Mena. We kept it simple and went to New China Buffet and gobbled down some chinese food. We were going to see a movie but upon arriving at the movie theatre, it appeared to be in a building only large enough to hold a couple large screens and some fold-up chairs so we opted to head back to the cabin for the remainder of the evening.

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