Vacation Day 2: Talimena Drive, Check in

Nathan got up early to accompany grandpa Sam at the Farmers Market. Mom had some work to do so Blake stayed with us at home while they took care of business. We packed our things and prepared for departure. Our check-in was at 3pm but we wanted time to enjoy the Talimena Drive and check things out before we snuggled in at the cabin. Once everyone returned we said our good-byes. I think Blake senses when we're going to be gone because he goes into super-sweet mode and is all cuddly and nice. It makes it really hard to leave. We hopped in the car and headed out.

Soon, we were crusing down the Talimena drive to Mena, AR where Wolfpen ATV Campground resides. I've been down this road several times but I'm always amazed how beautiful it is. It climbs the side of a ridge and provides breathtaking views for most of the journey. One second you'll be surrounded by dense forest and the next second they open up and you can see for a hundred miles down the face of the mountain and off into the distance. We passed by a fire tower. I hadn't remembered stopping there before. Maybe we'll check it out on the way home. We did make time to stop at an old Pioneer cemetary off in the woods. How terrible it must've been to be travelling through this terrain. Even more so to get on top of one of these peaks and see nothing but dense forest all around you as far as the eyes could see. Soon, we arrived in Mena, AR and as I was passing through town, I saw a Wolfpen ATV billboard...one that I created! I'm such a loser but I love seeing my work blown up to billboard proportions. We left town and headed to the campground, which is actually about 15 minutes East of Mena. We got just about a half mile from the campground when I saw another large sign I had designed! Ok, enough with that.

We pulled into the campground and crossed a one-lane wooden bridge which emptied out into a large gravel parking lot, the office is at the 2 o'clock position. We went there first. A very nice man named Ced (Cedric) greeted us inside the little shack. I told him we had reservations and he said "Oh, you must be Chris." He gave us a good rundown of rules and trails and etiquette and led us to our cabin. He let my wife into the cabin and while she got us settled in, he took me up a "Do not enter" trail which led to a little house. In front of the house was my transportation for the weekend: a Polaris Ranger XP. What a cool little offroad vehicle! I drove it down to our cabin and parked it. But first we had to go back into town. We needed food! Ced gave us some great recommendations, which included La Villa Mexican for dinner. This place had my rice. The La Huerta rice I can't find anywhere around Tulsa. After dinner, we went to Walmart to get some sandwich supplies, drinks, and...Ok, I might have forgotten to pack underwear. We headed back to the cabin and watched as some clouds rolled in. The temperature was in the mid-60s and so perfect so we enjoyed the evening on the porch where it began to rain. Tomorrow, we were going to tear up some trails!

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