Vacation Day 1: Creekside Berry Farm

I'm sitting here on the porch to our cabin looking out across the campground we're staying at. In particular, I'm staring at a big cedar tree that stands about 30 feet from where I sit. Why am I starting at an old cedar tree, you ask? Because I can. That is a luxury my normal life does not provide. My normal life calls for work, nearly every day and every night. My normal life calls for two boys (whom I love) who love to make my blood pressure sky-rocket. For the past few days, my normal life ceased, all for a chance to stare blankly at an old cedar tree at Wolfpen ATV Campground.

I broke up each day into an individual post so that I can have a record of each day, even though I wrote it all out at one time afterward. This will also help separate the photos so each set of photos is associated with that days post.

A good friend of mine offered up a cabin for me and my wife to visit. His parents own the place. I started work on Wolfpens website several years ago but this was my first chance to actually visit and partake of their offerings. We made the 2.5 hour drive to my parents house to spend a couple days before we retreated to the Ouchitas. We arrived in LeFlore, OK at around 12:30am if I remember right so unpacked and went to bed.

The bright sun shining into the living room woke me up on Thursday morning. Mom was getting ready for work, Sam was already at the blueberry patch picking berries. I rustled everyone enough to let them know it was morning and got dressed myself and headed to the berry field. By the way, they run a "pick-your-own-berries" berry farm and also sell at the local Farmers Market. Creekside Berry Farm. Check it out :)

I've been trying to put a website together for them but I wanted some good photos so I grabbed my Canon and headed out. I wandered around the patch for 30 minutes or so taking as many pictures as I could of different angles, close-ups, down-the-row shots, and anything else I could think of. Soon enough the rest of my family emerged and we picked about a bucket each worth of berries. After my bacon and eggs breakfast, I put together a model rocket I bought to let Nathan and Blake fire off a couple times. 2 hours of assembly for 2 minutes worth of rocket launches and a faulty rocket engine.

That night, Nathan got to start his first fire without matches, without a lighter, and without lighter fluid. He used flint and steel (and a magnesium bar) to get it going. Once we got the fire nice and big, we cooked dinner on it. This wasn't a hot dog fire, though. We got out the dutch ovens and in one cooked chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions, & bell peppers. The other was a peach and blueberry cobbler.

Seriously, this was probably in the top 5 best meals I've had in my entire life! It was perfect.

Night soon fell and we were ready for it. For tomorrow, we disappear into the Ouchitas.

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