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Vacation Day 4: High Point, Talimena Drive

Our final day. Man, it just comes and goes so fast. I wish I had another two weeks out here! I got the wife out of bed so...



Vacation Day 3: Little Missouri Falls, Wolfpen Trails

The next morning, I rustled Heather out of bed early so we could get out on the trails. Beforehand, we drove into Mena to...



Vacation Day 2: Talimena Drive, Check in

Nathan got up early to accompany grandpa Sam at the Farmers Market. Mom had some work to do so Blake stayed with us at home...



Vacation Day 1: Creekside Berry Farm

I'm sitting here on the porch to our cabin looking out across the campground we're staying at. In particular, I'm staring...



Ryan Broyles and Billy Sims

I was very much in need of a good day. Hoping today would be that day, I even got up a little earlier than normal. Well, to...



OS X Lion: Meh, meow.

Reliability is the most important feature.

Alright, anyone who has said more than 3 words to me knows I am a huge fan of everything Apple. They've continued to wow me...


Spotlight: OS X Series

A spotlight on the OS X search tool

*Note: This is a ongoing series of articles regarding features of OS X that deserve a little extra attention. For...


BSA and the Priesthood

How Boy Scouts prepare young men

I spent most of the week reminiscing of the experiences I had in scouts. I was amazed at how much I remembered. The camp...


Life Experiences (5-10)

The times I will never forget

As I started compiling a list of the most memorable experiences I've had in my life, I found that it is really hard to put...

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about chris

My name is Chris. I live in Broken Arrow, OK. I am a husband. I'm a proud father of two boys. I'm a Mormon. Boomer Sooner.

This is a log of my daily life, although I rarely have the opportunity to update it daily, or even weekly. Most of the time I include pictures of the events I talk about in the entries.

My passions live here. Topics that I'm particularly passionate about, interested in, or whatever else I deem worthy to live here. It can get pretty scary in here.

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Random pieces of my everyday life will be here. These could be pictures of my son playing football, recording of my wife playing on the Wii, or audio of my playing drums. If I want to share it, here's where it'll be!

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